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Site, Weather and Recommendations Updated

During a fit of insomnia: I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress, the blogging software used on the site Changed the Weather tab to display real-time weather from my weather station, updated every minute because weather is never current … Continue reading

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QuickBooks Pro 2008 Upgrade – Filing Taxes Not Working Fix

I must love pain. I sit in the bleeding edge of technology and wonder why it hurts all the time… Case in point, I upgraded to Quckbooks Pro 2008 on Dec 19th. The tax people have started sending me notices … Continue reading

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Winter Precipitation

This falls under the category of “What a nerd he is…” My Christmas present this year was a heater for my weather station. Why does a weather station need a heater? Well, if you want to record that amount of … Continue reading

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Changes in the Wind

Hi Folks While I have some free time and Sharon is hard at work making the bacon, I am upgrading my web site. I am switching image galleries to something a bit more modern (gallery2) with a nicer look and feel … Continue reading

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