Gordon Woods Weather

Weather data is updated every minute, summaries every 10 minutes. More detailed weather and history is available here.

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  2. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    What kind of hardware do you have for the weather station and how did you hook the data stream into wunderground.com – which is how I found your blog?

    I’m more towards erindale park and am wondering if it is worth getting my own weather station up and running. Or just letch data from stations around me.


  3. Hi Chris

    I use a Vantage Pro 2 6130 from Davis Instruments. They have software that you can purchase that lets you stream to Weather Underground or other sites from a computer after its downloaded. They also have a newer offering that will do it directly from the weather station without the need for a computer. The graphics on my page are from the Davis Instruments software except the Shockwave object which is from Weather Underground.

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