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Finding a home in Penang, Malaysia – real estate is about trust

When making the decision to come to Penang, Malaysia on our MM2H Visa – it was important for us to understand what type of house was available and where we wanted to live. Travelling half way around the world with … Continue reading

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It’s the little things you notice

no towel bars counter top heights are either for Peter Dinklage or Ian Whyte (GoT reference) beds are so hard I suspect they are coconut shells there are no top sheets – fitted and duvet – but you have to … Continue reading

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Penang – The Pearl of the Orient

After months of preparation on the other side of the planet, we have finally landed in Penang, Malaysia.  It seems almost surreal that a decision made a mere 9 months ago has become a reality and sees me sitting on … Continue reading

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Canada to Malaysia – on the threshold.

In less than 16 hours we will be jetting from Toronto to New York to Guangzhou to Penang.  A blistering pile of flights – but not our longest surprisingly.  I have managed to pack our belongings into four suitcases.  Jacques has … Continue reading

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All the comforts of home – are gone.

We have spent the past twenty odd years accumulating, beautifying, comfortizing our lives.   And here we are – down to about 12 cardboard boxes with all those things we surrounded ourselves with in someone else’s possession – giving them … Continue reading

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