At the Six Month Mark…

So here we are – six months into our crazy adventure of just doing life differently.  Looking off into the distance with the Straits of Malacca in front of us, and a full moon glowing orange as it rises and dances across the water we do our regular check in as a couple.

Glass of wine in hand I look over at Jacques.  “Six months now, eh.”

“Yup” he replies taking a sip of his wine.

“Regrets?” I ask.

“Not a single one” he states,  “you?”

“None, I love it here” I respond.

And that’s it.  The check in.  The conversation we have on a monthly basis to be sure we are where we want to be.  It does not take much except the diligence to ask and the courage to do something about it if one partner is not aligned.  I could go on about how important communication is in relationships, but the fact is we all find our own rhythm and what works for us.

A friend of ours, Keith Hockton, just published the article below on our experience here.  Keith is not only a publisher and a writer here in Penang, he has become a great friend.  Keith is an example of the many interesting people we meet here, who with his fantastic wife Lisa, choose to live with a passion and joy that is off the beaten path.

Give the article a read, get a feel for why we love it here from the practical side.  Know that on the heart side, it is the people here who make this place truly special.

IL Hockton Article 2017

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3 Responses to At the Six Month Mark…

  1. Drusilla Gillen says:

    I’m smugly glad to see that when I said you’re brilliant at writing so should do more, you went home and put fingers to the keyboard.

  2. Rita Piccolo says:

    Great article! Wonderful to know that Sharon and Jacques are at home in Penang and if you know these two nomads, they could make their home just about anywhere!

  3. sally says:

    This blog fills me with such joy and is exactly what I’ve been searching for…..We are Brit’s living in Asia for the last 8 years who about to move to Penang. The hours I’ve spent on google have failed to provide me with positive information on Penang and the chance to connect with like minded people, until I found this blog….thank you so much!

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