On being an expat.

I have been trying to think about what I have been feeling as we have settled in to our life here in Malaysia. A year ago I read a book called Planet Boomer as winter was bringing in its chill in Canada.  It was a pie in the sky idea that we had formed many years prior – “what if we retired overseas and explored a different life?”  Planet Boomer was yet another book that fed that dream.  Less than two months later – we decided to execute on that dream – and a year later we find ourselves in SE Asia.

But then what?  After the plans and organisation (greatly detailed in this blog), the MM2H Visa application, the selling and completion of most of our worldly good, the goodbyes – then the hellos and set up of a new life here…what next?

Both of us have lived and worked abroad a number of times, and we have embarked on long journeys of exploration and travel.  We have stories we bring out at dinner parties to entertain that are comical and crazy, where we try to convey that despite differences around the world – a laugh is a laugh and we all want to feel we are needed and loved.

Wanderlust: a very strong & iresistable impulse or desire to travel the world

I was sent this link to a blog and somehow it spoke to me.  The author so clearly lays out many of the feelings I have been unable to put down here myself – and frankly I could not do justice.  So read on – and do get a feel for where my head is at – even if it is in the clouds!  17 Things that Change Forever When You Live Abroad, by Angie Castells

Wander on!


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