La Source, Grenada

La Source – Grenada

We recently went to La Source All Inclusive in Grenada for a 1 week holiday to relax, scuba dive and generally enjoy the beach.  I thought I would pass on my review of the place for those who are interested in where we go and what we do – and know the critical eye we bring to the place.

While we often do crazy trips, every year we add 1 or 2 all inclusive adults only resorts in the Caribbean where we don’t have to think too much.  We chose Grenada frankly because it was a place we had never been.

We travelled with Air Canada via a direct flight of about 5 ½ hours.  The Grenada airport is quite small, and given the population of about 100,000 people, seems more than enough.  The big plus is that La Source is about 5 minutes from the airport and the jet noise is insignificant.  La Source was also booked through Air Canada and was advertised with the following:

What’s included

Meal plan type: All-inclusive

  • Breakfast daily (buffet)
  • Lunch daily (buffet, à la carte)
  • Dinner daily (buffet, à la carte)


  • Domestic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by the glass
  • Unlimited international alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages by the glass
  • Afternoon tea

Non-motorized water sports

  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing
  • Hobie Cat sailing
  • Scuba diving – Certified guests receive three free dives (per person, per week)

Land sports

  • Tennis
    • Day and night
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball (beach and pool)
  • Bicycles
  • Aerobics
  • Aquacize
  • Yoga, tai chi, meditation, stretching classes
  • Archery, fencing

Spa Treatments

  • One spa treatment per day excluding day of arrival and day of departure.


  • Daily activities
  • Nightly entertainment


  • Minimum age at resort is 16 years


Note that the minimum age at the resort is 16 – however, we found out that they also allow 12 years and up depending on the time of year.  Given that it was British school break, there were quite a few kids under the age of 16 – with parents providing them with alcohol.

The resort itself is small which we were looking forward to.  The rooms themselves are not “luxury” compared to Secrets or many Sandals for example.  They were simply serviceable and lacked any character.  We paid extra for an ocean view which was nice, but the room itself was not an upgrade when we took a look at the others.  The bath products are also not luxury as they come from Bath and Body, but again were serviceable and replenished.  Fresh beach towels were put in the room daily, which was nice.  The bed was comfortable though rather high and I needed a boost to be able to get into it (I am 5 foot 2).  There is a mini fridge but this does not mean a mini bar.  The fridge has two water bottles in it which you fill yourself.  There are no drinks or anything in the fridge as it is meant for personal medications and the like.  This bumps it down in luxury for me.

The beach is also quite small, though it does have a breakwater which gives you a nice little lagoon.  However, your stroll along the beach would be about 3 minutes in length and then the rock juts out on either side and you cannot go any further.  There were lots of seats and shade in both the pool area and beach area, and the staff came around with drinks on a regular basis.  There were a few hawkers with their souvenirs, but overall they were not a great nuisance.  At the end of the beach was the watersports with a couple of CATs in solid condition.  The dive shop is run by Aquanauts, a reputable dive company on the island.  There is no boat jetty so to get to the dive boat you have to wade out in chest high water to hop on, but this is not really a challenge.  The diving is mediocre overall compared to other places in the world.  But if you are limited in your dive experience (ie not Fiji etc) then overall you may find this to be just fine.  There are not a great deal of big fish on the reefs, they tend to the smaller size as well as very few schools.  There is an underwater marine park which is kind of neat and can also be snorkelled.  The equipment provided by the dive shop is all in excellent condition, and the divemasters are well versed and safety conscious.  I took my own mask and wetsuit, but the wetsuits are also supplied as well as all the gear.  You can pop over to the Atlantic side to dive Shark Reef (they get you there by taxi then a 10 minute boat ride).  It is much rougher on the Atlantic side and if you wish to avoid feeding the fishes your breakfast, then I recommend gravol before you go.

Included in the package are the spa treatments which was one of our reasons to go.  I will point out that the treatments are relaxation NOT therapeutic.  What do I mean?  The back massage for example consists on the therapist pouring copious amounts of oil on your back and rubbing it.  There is no notion of human physiology and the musculature to ensure that you are massaged.  Now if you upgrade (ie pay extra) and book a proper massage – then that is a different story.  I had the Zen massage and Jacques had the reflexology and the deep tissue massage and we found those fantastic.  I would say pass on the seaweed wrap and upgrade to something better.  Guys may also want to avoid the facial and get something else and we did not hear anything good about that for the men.  The women’s facials were it and miss.  Our British spa snob called her therapist Ms. Slapiton as that is all that seemed to happen.  I would also mention that for the back massage they also do a bit of a head massage.  For me that consisted of hair pulling which I tolerated for about 3 minutes thinking “this is new” then just told them to stop.  Also keep in mind that there is no regard for female/female or male/male therapists.  So if you have a preference be sure and let them know at the beginning.

On to the food…

I would say that overall the food was well prepared with a few exceptions.  We found that the breakfast buffet was the same every day with no variations.  I would have liked to see some smoked fish and perhaps more fruit choice.

There are 4 restaurants on property though all are not open at the same time and one requires reservations (1 per stay).  The buffet is for breakfast and lunch.  The lunches there are pretty good and have some nice varieties.  The Garden Restaurant is for dinner and was one of my pet peeves.  Of the 7 mains on the menu, three had “supplements” ranging from $16 to $35 US.  The other 4 choices were typically a veggie dish, two fish, and a meat.  There was never any shellfish on the menu (including shrimps) unless you paid a premium.  Rather disappointing.  Portions are “spa size”.  The food as Oscar’s was generally very good for lunch when it was a beach bar, to dinner when it had reservations.  Again, there were at least 3 supplemental – but at least the rest of the menu was balanced.  The last restaurant was the Deli which was open for lunch.  It had some odd paninis, sashimi and sushi.  Avoid the sushi.  They are not using sushi rice so you get a few hard, cold disks of congealed rice.  They do have great fruit smoothies though.  Overall the food is ok but needs a bit of variety and more punch.  I would also say that if you like your food on the medium to medium rare side, be sure to specify as they cook the food to 10 minutes past done.  By the way there is no room service which really does not put this in the luxury category for me.

Air Canada rates this as a 4.5 star – I would rate it as a 3.5 star.  For similar price points and a true adult all inclusive I think there are better out there.

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