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Florida 2009

December 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment

We travelled from Mississauga through to Bradenton Florida to visit the folks for Christmas, and drove a straight 23 hours to get there.  With the help of satellite radio and the comedy channels, the trip stopped two people from killing each other in the car.  Being couped up with someone 23 hours straight is one thing, but driving 23 hours with your life partner in tow (or at least sometimes you wish you could tow them on the back of the car) is quite another.

We probably saw every cop in Georgia, as they just sat on every overpass trying to find yet another sucker to make their year end quota.  Onward we drove, quite thankful that at least we missed the snowy weather that was hitting other parts of the country quite hard.  We were riding in the hippo, and this was the first long distance journey we undertook in it.  It fared quite well and was comfortable, though I have to say that if you are my height (keebler size) there is really no good place to put your arms.  We also discovered that despite technology boy’s best efforts at bleeding edge – the darn hippo does not seem to want to give us the miles per hour on the digital speedometer.  Most of the time we were guessing at the speed, and my spellbinding math skills have still not improved since 10th grade.

I have to say one of the saddest things is the lack of Tim Horton’s along the way.  The last one is in Ohio – then there are Waffle House’s as far as the eye can see.  While I love saying the name – there is not much else that redeems it.  Part of our challenge was also the load of stuff we were carrying for friends and family.  My biggest fear was the 20KG of flour in the back of the car.  I was afraid the border police would think it was the other white stuff.

Upon our arrival we stumbled into bed for a nap, then woke to our family celebrations.  Christmas morning saw us with an 8:30 am tee off time and for once, Jacques joined in the fun.  Though he seemed to quit on hole 7 as he pulled out his binoculars and camera and started birdwatching on the golf course.  Seriously.  Maybe it was because he managed to nail someone’s house with a golf ball so hard it sounded like a gunshot.  True to form my game was excellent on the front 9, but after a few beverages and far too much laughing with friends – disintegrated.  A h well, not like I was keeping score!

We arrived home for another nap – then the luxury of too much food and lots of friends.  We have also been exploring the surrounding area, finding out of the way places to eat and walking on beaches.  It is a bit too cold to swim.  Today we heard a Brit complaining about the cold to which his wife replied – stop complaining, at least it is much warmer than England.  Ah, a woman who always sees the glass half full!

There will certainly be a few pics to come – so keep an eye out.  Happy New Year to all our wonderful friends and family!

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  • 1 RutsUp // Jan 2, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Golf on Christmas morning…gotta love holidays in the sunny south!
    Hope Santa was good to you! Bonne Annee!
    the Ruts – ‘neighbours without borders’

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