Baby you can drive my car…

I have arrived back from our trip and find myself in need of a car.  Now I am a chick who likes sports cars, and prefer a convertible.  I have been trolling car sites on the Internet, finding my next love.  I really enjoyed driving my Miata, but the real detractor of the car was my inability to put two sets of clubs in the trunk, barely one fit!  Not to mention I did on occasion have trouble getting it out of the driveway in the winter.  Anytime there was the smallest pile of snow at the end, I could just not get her over the hump.  And carrying cat litter in the already small trunk was not my idea of cool.

I also liked my Audi TT.  Now this baby had more trunk space, and could go like stink.  However, I was not interested in the price tag that came along with it.  What to do?

I checked out the Solstice, the Saturn sports car (very sexy) and the Mini.  Actually the Mini was a fun car to drive, but I kept expecting Roger Rabbit to pop up in the seat beside me.  The car had a decidedly cartoonish feel.  Then I set my eyes on the new Accord Coupe.  Very pretty…

I took it for a spin and was feeling this was the right car for me.  Affordable, lots of bells and whistles, and it was a Honda.  I sat down with the sales guy, and got some pricing.  Now everyone has their share of sales guys stories.  Here is my pet peeve.  I told the guy I wanted to buy a car within a week.  I knew Honda was having promos.  I told him I was not interested in messing back and forth.  So he comes up with a price.  I look it over and think, hmmm, not bad.  Jacques and I needed to talk about it, so I said I would get back to him.  As I stood up to leave, the sales guy said, “look, if you want, I can probably knock another $20/month off that car payment for you”.  This is the peeve.  Why not give me the best price and stop messing around?  I was annoyed and thanked him.

 My brother, who is the King of Discounts, hooked me up with a guy named Mark Derry of Carsense.  Mark is your big brother when it comes to cars.  I emailed him and told him what I wanted, with my colour preferences.  Within a day he got back to me with a much better price, and pointed out that I qualified for either a Grad Program discount or the Honda Loyalty discount because we own an Acura.  Awesome!  Mark secured a car for me at a price that was $3,000 less than I was quoted.  His fee is an affordable $400.

Within a couple of days, Mark showed up in my driveway with my new car and all the paperwork in hand.  We sat at my dining room table, signed what was necessary, then he took me out to the car and showed me all the features.  This was the most painless car buying experience I have ever had and I will never get a car again without Mark.

How is the Accord Coupe?  Fantastic!  Drives like a dream, lots of room, affordable and sexy in my favourite colour “Arrest Me Red”.  As I was leaving the parking lot at work today, a guy driving in the other direction called out to me, “gorgeous car”!  Purrrrrr…

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