Beauty and the Geek

Ok people, hands up if that last post had you dazed and confused?  Any idea what the heck Technology Guy was talking about?  No?  Any idea what it is like to ask Technology Guy a question and get a response like that?

Overall, living with TG is a pleasure.  He fixes all the bits in the house that blink, have wires, use remotes or require keys and clicking.  Not my cup of tea.  The down side however, is that TG can be a bit obsessive compulsive around this stuff as evidenced by his last post.  Most lay people would say “screw it”, curse the gods of technology and go to bed or just buy another $1,000 computer and be done with it.  TG MUST UNRAVEL THE PROBLEM.

What is a woman to do?  You lie in bed hearing the furious tapping of the keys above, contemplating finding the fuse box so you can trip the main and shut off the power.  There have been times when I have seriously considered tatooing a QWERTY keyboard to my chest to get some attention.  Then I realize I dislike intense pain and am not sure I can contemplate where the enter key would go.

While having tech support 24/7 is fantastic, there are times I wish my guy would just lie on the couch and focus on the wild world of sports.  At least I can pounce him on the couch!

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