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Sharon and I returned back to Canada on Nov 14. We left on June 21 so we were gone for quite a while. All I can say is it’s good to be home in our own house. It’s not good to be home to Fall weather in Canada. I’m starting to think that all that sunshine in the middle East was just a twisted fantasy. I think I recall seeing the sun in Toronto last week.

 We want to thank everybody who helped us during our travels:

Julie in Thailand – thanks so much for showing us around in Thailand (Bangkok. Chang Mai and Phuket) and letting us use your wonderful condo for so many weeks and introducing us to some of your great contacts.

Helene in Singapore – thank you for putting up with us as we whirled into your appartment and whirled out so quickly in the middle of the night. Singapore was wonderful and has some great memories.

Sally, Michael, James and Scott in Dubai – thank you for putting us up for 2 months and sharing your wonderful family with us. A special thanks to James for giving up his bedroom for 2 months. Please say hello to Roxy, the vicious killer kitten.

The Staff at Infinity Health Dubai – thank you for the medical advice as well as allowing us to work with you. It was great to work in a different environment and get to see how doctors and their support teams work. We miss the screaming children Mira.

Sharon and Jacques (yes it’s not a typo) – for their dinners and golf with Sharon. It’s nice to know we have twins in spirit in Dubai. 

Sarah and Simon – for their excellent advice on Dubai as well as the strongest drinks I can recall.

Avon and Neil (aka Shrek) in Kuwait – it was a slice (or is that a leak?) visiting you in Kuwait. Too bad it’s a “dry” country but I’m sure you’ll make do.

Rob in Toronto – thank you for looking after our cats for so long and the vet visits as well as the frequent cat reports.

Carmen and Charles in Oakville – thank you for looking after the house, bills and other daily concerns of life so we could do what we did.

Ian and Jen in Toronto – thank you for babysitting my server. Mississauga Power has returned back to profitability when I plugged it back in. Did I mention I fried 2 hard drives when I started fiddling with it?

To everybody else who wrote supporting emails or we met in our travels and gave their support, friendship, anecdotes and advice – thank you, you made it all worthwhile.

To all those people whose technology I messed with (you know who you are because you can’t get your TV to work or the AC keeps coming on when you try and watch a movie) – Oops and if you have problems, let me know and I’ll try and work something out. Tech support is open 24×7 and I take Visa, MC and Paypal.

To all those who keep saying where are the pictures? Keep your pants on, I have 6,000+ pictures to go through and I promise pictures will start appearing soon and I’ll tie them into the blogs.

To those that are wondering if Sharon is really as I made her out in the blog – yes only worse. In fact she is beating me as I write this.

Stay tuned as we have more adventures up our sleeves and who knows perhaps a book?

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