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Phuket Paradise

July 29th, 2007 · 1 Comment

I managed to pack aforementioned monks in my two backpacks (large and small) and carried the third in my hands.  Yes I had too much carry on, but I followed Stephen’s travel advice:  “Don’t look back, keep walking, and don’t stop even if they are calling you”.  It worked.  However, one of the monks did attack me and left a huge bruise on my knee with me limping for the next day.  Seems monks don’t like air travel.

We are now happily ensconced in Julie’s fantastic condo.  Her full length terrace overlooks Po Bay, with views of fishing boats, yachts, islands and the sea.  We have a stunning bedroom and all the luxuries of home, as well as Julie’s terrific hospitality.  Jacques has moved into technology guy mode, and it optimizing all her electronics to make her life easier.  A small price to pay for such hospitality.

Yesterday, we did a short tour of the island and made our way to Amanpuri Resort, where we were invited to brunch.  This is hands down the most beautiful resort I have ever seen.  We went to the private villa side.  These villas are built in the Thai style.  Each room is a self contained bungalow.  In this case, the entryway had stepped water-ponds with lotus’ growing, lovely statues and Thai artwork.  As you entered the villa compound, you came upon a large glass enclosed room with a huge round table about a foot off the floor and pillows on the floor.  This is the dining room.  You sit on the floor with your feet in the hole under the table.  A little further on is the living room, also a huge glass enclosed bungalow.  Everywhere are stunning Buddhas, large (20 foot) pots, and beautiful garden.  the 4 bedrooms are the same self contained bungalows, but with glass only on the seafront view, and completely private.  The bed is centered in the room, and shoji type screens roll back to reveal closets, bathrooms, and the like.

A long, black rectangular pool (twice the size of ours), hugs the edge of the property.  As you swim, you look out to the Andaman sea.  Staff are subtle but constant.  Your champagne glass is filled to keep the fizzy pop cold, spring rolls show up, fresh towels are always folded for you.   There is nothing you could possibly want, except more time in this paradise.

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We then went off to brunch in the restaurant.  I have been told it is not quite up to par as the one in the Al Burj in Dubai or the Oriental in Bangkok.  I must find the time to do a comparison.  Having said that, the oysters, fresh crab, prawns, caviar, smoked salmon and fresh lamb all received my undivided attention.  The chocolate fountain also received a nod as the fresh berries topped my creme brulee.  As we stumbled from the restaurant after a few to many glasses of wine (and Julie’s famous Bloody Marys), a golf cart met us to take us back to the villa.

We then decided that it was time to hit the beach.  The golf cart took us back to the main area, and we made our way down to one of the loveliest beaches.  Again, service was impeccable.  Towels were set out for us, fresh ice water poured and those who chose to, imbibed again.  The sea was warmer than the swimming pools, and the waves were breaking gently over the beach.  Ahhhh, paradise!

The company was entertaining and lively, and as wonderful as the luxury of the place was, this made the stay that much more fun.  I think I am going to like Phuket!

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