Wait a minute!  I cannot possibly let those last few posts go by without a rebuttal.  As you all know, I am no shrinking flower, and there are always two sides to the story.

I will freely admit that I can be somewhat irreverent, but I am always careful to use my inside voice to ensure that I do not offend the people and culture around me.  Except of course when I am laughing a Jacques.  Mind you, the Thais love a good joke, a sense of fun and a laugh. 

When Jacques lost his hat, we had to go on an expedition to find him a new one.  We first tried Phnom Pen in Cambodia.  There was an interesting market there with all manner of things.  He was looking for something similar to his Indiana Jones style Tilley Hat.  No luck there.  Basically because compared to the Asians, he has a fat head.  He claims it is because of his brains (could not be because of his hair). 

He did end up getting a baseball cap that was light purple with the Ferrari logo on it.  It was dark, I could not see the colour, he asked me how it looked and at the time, it was ok to me.  Then we got into the sunlight…

When we were back in Thailand, we determined that the hat was just too goofy for words.  So we hit a shopping mall in Chiang Mai and went to a sporting goods store.  We checked out the golf hats, the camping hats, the baseball hats.  We were finally in the hiking section and a lovely young man was helping us.  Jacques tried on one hat, and I literally lost it I was laughing so hard.  The Thai guy behind him was trying everything he could to be polite and not laugh.  But I guess I was laughing so hard, he had to leave so he would not offend Jacques.  He really did enjoy the show though!

Now I am respectful in all the temples, but once in a while, you just want a creative picture.  Furthermore, if your beloved travel companion has you doing all the reading of what it is you are looking at, and you can’t pronounce Ramalamjeavabanmanhicky, then ramalamadingdong should just be accepted as a good pronunciation. 

My singing is fine thank you very much.  And the fact that I can sing in several languages should be revered rather than ridiculed.  Plus, at least I am free entertainment!  I have no illusions that I will be the next Canadian Idol, but hey, at least I know how to have fun.

That Slurpee machine incident had nothing to do with universal Karma, like some people would lead you to believe.  It was defective, plain and simple.  It made a big mess and I did feel kind of bad.  The Thais were really nice about it though.  I bought a bottle of water and stood outside the 7/11 drenching my pants and shirt with water to clean them.  Then I looked up and noticed the monks across the street.  And noticed that I was giving a bit of a wet t-shirt (and pants) show.  Exit down the street as fast as possible.

On the bonus side, we saw Harry Potter the other day.  You get to reserve your seat in the theatre.  It cost us $6.00 for the two of us.  I love movies here!

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  1. yvonne shamash says:

    Sorry Sharon

    I have to go with Jacques karmic interpretation 🙂

    Love you guys…

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