Travelling with Sharon

As most of you well know, Sharon likes things to be done in a particular way and travelling is no exception. Case in point; we left Toronto at about 11:00 PM (late flight of course) on Air Canada for a 4-hour stop in Heathrow. We arrived at Heathrow at around 9:00 AM local time but some ungodly hour for Sharon and I.

Cranky Sharon

 Sleeping on the plane was iffy at best and we were both a bit cranky and falling asleep standing up. We cleared security to go into the transit lounge then browsed through the stores and eventually sat down where I started nodding on and off. About 2h before the flight was ready to board, Sharon announces that she can’t sleep and we need to go find longer couches with no seat dividers which she has claimed existed at Heathrow.  No gate is posted for our flight so Sharon studies the departure board carefully and says that it will be at gate 13. Muttering to myself, we head off for gate 13 and start walking. and walking. and walking. After about 20 mins of walking down very long corridors, I said that we needed to turn around and go back to the transit area because there were no couches and I was getting concerned about boarding for our flight. 

I might have been a little grumpy at this point. We headed back and joined people from an incoming flight then found ourselves in the security line for in-transit passengers. At this point, we had walked for 40 mins to not get back to where we started. I walked up the line to discover it went round the corner, up another corridor then doubled back on itself. I figure we had about 300m to go to clear security and the queue was moving at about 2m per minute. At that rate we were going to miss our flight and I wasn’t happy. Sharon and I exchanged a few pleasantries that couples who have been married for 10+ years would understand and appreciate.  I gritted my teeth and shuffled along. After about 30 mins of waiting, which made it more than an hour since we started the couch quest, Sharon spoke to a gentleman going through the queue and were ushered through security after going through x-ray, shoe removing and bomb sniffing.

We get back into the transit lounge only to discover our flight is boarding at gate 3, in a completely different direction.  I wasn’t happy and Sharon has suitably chagrined. Fortunately the food, service and in-seat entertainment was excellent on Emirates…

Dubai is HOT. It was 40C with a 100% humidity today. Walking outside feels like being in an oven and it gets into the 50s.

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  1. Ron Walker says:

    Sounds like a rather tiresome journey over. Glad your flight on Emirates provided you with comfort. The temperatures do sound rather oven like, but thats part of the fun! Just watch you don’t melt. Enjoy!

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